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I made this page purely just for fun. Since visualization is what I do for a living, my wedding site definitely deserves to have one.

Just in case you don't know where are San Francisco, DC and Bangkok, this map can quickly show you. In short, they are on the opposite site of the globe.

The solid gray lines represent the number of time Krist flew home since he came to study in the U.S. (8 times in 5 years, approximately 160,000 miles -- in other words, roughly six time around the world) The dashed pink line show the link from my current location (San Francisco) to my fiance's location (Bangkok) and also means the trip that I am going home to get married.

Under each city, there is a clock that show local time. The difficulty of long distance relationship is not only that you are not together, but you are also on different time zones. You may be sleeping while your boyfriend/girlfriend is working, and vice versa.

I thought it would be much more fun to make this interactive, so I did. You can place the mouse over U.S. or Thailand on the map and see the "missing you" bar on the top changing!

P.S. The route I usually fly home is via Japan or South Korea, so the lines are not really showing the route, but for the sake of simplicity and because I am lazy, I will just leave it like this.